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1776 – 2026

America welcomes the tall ships of the world to the Port of New York and New Jersey for a universal celebration of America's  250th anniversary!

The Greatest Celebration in Our Nation's History

On July 4th, 2026

we will celebrate America's 250th anniversary, and the largest-ever flotilla of tall ships from around the world will sail into the Port of New York and New Jersey creating a majestic nautical spectacle.  An unforgettable once-in-a-generation event on sea and on land.


Along with the majestic tall ships flotilla, a diverse array of events, festivities and celebrations will be held across the entire region to educate, entertain and engage audiences from across the country and across all communities.


Creating Memories for the Next Generation

About Us


Sail250 is an official multi-state, high-profile international tall ship and government project formed to celebrate the 250th birthday of the United States.


As a major component of a nationwide endeavor, Sail4th 250 will host the tall ships vessels over the weekend of July 4, 2026.


The events will offer an extraordinary platform to educate and engage communities with visiting cadets, officers, and crews, and showcase the spirit of international cooperation that has long been a hallmark of maritime tradition.

The six-day celebration will be the culmination of a multi-year platform of storytelling, events and diverse celebrations around the region leading into the 4th.


In the spirit of goodwill, and in preparation for America's Semiquincentennial, an international fleet of tall ships and gray hull ships will join with their American counterparts for a series of inspiring Parades of Sail, an International Naval Review, Fleet Weeks, and extended port visits in five East Coast/Gulf port cities. New York will be the centerpiece of these activities.


Support America's 250th Celebration

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