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The tall ships of the world are coming to the Port of New York and New Jersey!

In July 2026,

the largest review of tall ships since the Bicentennial will gather in New York Harbor for Sail4th 250, a breathtaking celebration of America's Semiquincentennial. American pride and glory will own the world's stage for one week leading to the 4th of July spectacular. Our mission is grand: create a nautical spectacle worthy of the moment that inspires, unites and educates the American and international audience with stories that resonate from our history, while exploring the youthful promise of our future. This moment will generate hope and goodwill and be a colorful reminder of the optimistic spirit that shaped America, and the freedom we all enjoy. Tall ships, true colors... be part of this epic, American event.

Like our name, our new identity, Liberty Sails, leans forward — in a hopeful, inspiring celebration of 250 years of independence, our ideals, our inclusivity, and our future. The iconic Statue of Liberty symbolizes the sails of international tall ships gathering in the harbor as millions gather on its shores to witness this epic American moment. 

Liberty Sails


Creating Memories for the Next Generation

About Us


Sail250 is an official multi-state, high-profile international tall ship and military project formed to celebrate the 250th birthday of the United States.

SAIL 4TH 250

As a major component of a nationwide endeavor, Sail 4th 250 will host the tall ships vessels over the weekend of July 4, 2026.


The events will offer an extraordinary platform to educate and engage communities with visiting cadets, officers, and crews, and showcase the spirit of international cooperation that has long been a hallmark of maritime tradition.


In the spirit of goodwill, and in preparation for America's Semiquincentennial, an international fleet of naval and military sail training vessels will join with U.S. warships and military vessels and American tall ships for a series of inspiring Parades of Sail, an International Naval Review, Fleet Weeks, and extended port visits in five East Coast/Gulf port cities. New York will be the centerpiece of these activities.